March 15, 2009

Vic Mahfood

Amber Alert

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This technology of iPhone is fantastic in aiding the discovery of missing children.  The GPS is used to state your current location, allowing the response center to tell geographically where you are, making for more intelligent and informed analyses. Incoming reports are processed by the National Center, and forwarded to appropriate law enforcement agencies.

"Amber Alert is an official alert and missing child alert tool for the National Center of  Missing and Exploited children.  Amber alerts are issued whenever a missing child case is granted the high-risk Amber status, and has been used to aid in the recovery of missing children. This app provides a real-time feed of Amber Alerts including victim and suspect photos and  information, direct phone number to police precints, and a reporting mechanism allowing you to report a sighting or get directly in touch with the hotline."

--Tip:  Additionally, you can make a phonecall to National Center's hotlines with the touch of of a button.

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