March 20, 2009

Vic Mahfood


--Description: 99 cents, Games, Native --

Great for kids of all ages, Balloonimals is packed with collections of Balloonimals including fish, T-Rex and a unicorn.  You'll love Balloonimals for it simple controls, the variety of Balloonimals and the amazing graphics.  There are also fun sounds that squeak, quack and roar!

"Beautifully rendered balloonimals spring to life when you blow into the microphone of your iPhone.  Watch the balloon inflate, and then shake your phone to start constructing your Balloonimal. With each shake, your animal starts taking shape until your Balloonimal appears and is ready to play."

--Tip:  This app requires 2.2.1 Software. Balloonimals make a great addition to any party. There is a free lite edition at the App Store.

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