March 15, 2009

Vic Mahfood

iPills-Track Medications and Prescriptions

--Description: Free, Healthcare & Fitness, Native--

This app not only helps you stay on top of your medications schedule, but it lets you customize your pills' appearance so you can just tap the colored or sized pill that you need.  See what meds you've taken, what meds you still have left to take, customize your pills' appearance, keep a history of your actions, and set up intervals.  Let iPhone be your dependable memory.

"If you take or give someone you care for a variety of daily pills, let iPhone help you record what you've taken, and use it to see what you need to take.  Set up pills you need to take regularly, at any intervals,  and let your daily pillbox show you what you need to take, and what you've taken. iPills gives you a complete record of all the pills you've taken and any scheduled ones you've missed."
--Tip:  The visual summary in this app is a really helpful reminder. 

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