March 25, 2009

Vic Mahfood

Sunkissed Crosswords-Tausig Lite

--Description: Free,  Games, Native, Puzzle--

Some features of this fun puzzle include: a summary of puzzle in the puzzle list, progress bar on the puzzle list, option to zoom in or out of puzzle view, intuitive navigation, yellow and light-grey cell colors while wrong letters are displayed in red so you can find this out immediately. There is a clue list, and any work is automatically saved.

"The Tausig series package offers pop-culture focused content. On a scale level of 1 to 5, these puzzles have a difficulty level of 2.5 to 3.The Tausig puzzles are self-contained and hassle free. They are the most intuitive, cheerfully designed crossword applications. This is the perfect companion for everyone: excercising your brain, learning new words, or killing time."

--Tip:  This app requires 2.2 Software. Refer to the Help text whenever you are stuck or need more information. Immediately lock in your letters if you are confident with them, or are afraid of overwriting them.

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