March 11, 2009

Your Rights

--Description: Free, Native, Legal, Reference

This app informs you of your rights when you are stopped, questioned, arrested or searched by law enforcement officers.  This is very helpful in all situations and is meant in a positive way to enhance your knowledge of the law. Recently added is an embedded version of the US Constitution.

"You should be careful about what you say when approached by law enforcement officials.  If you give answers, they can be used against you in a criminal, immigration or civil case.  Your Rights provides effective and useful guidance in a user-friendly question and answer format.   This app is for citizens and non-citizens with extra information for non-citizens in a separate section."

--Tip:  This app is not a substitute for legal advice. Works with 2.2.1 Software.  This information has been obtained from the ACLU and various relevant cases in the past years. 

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