April 5, 2009

1500+ Random Fun Facts

--Description: 99 cents, Lifestyle, Native, Games--

Expand your knowledge, impress your friends with Random Fun Facts.   You'll love learning something fascinating and perhaps unknown every day. There is a huge database of facts, and you will rarely see the same one twice. In an upcoming edition, you will be able to send facts to your friends.
"Random Fun Facts covers topics ranging from animals to sports and everything in between. Learn a unique, completely random fact each day of the year.  There's something of interest for everyone, and you're sure to enjoy the cool photo backgrounds.  You'll even be able to save your favorite random facts in a list. If one fact a day isn't enough, just one touch of a button will take you to another."

--Tip:  This app covers some topics such as the animal kingdom, sports, science, history, food and more.

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