April 27, 2009

Vic Mahfood

Calc&Save Free

--Description: Finance, Free, Native, Productivity--

Calc&Save Free is a super tool to save any difficult calculations which you may wish to add to, or edit in any way, at a later time. It's almost like a micro spreadsheet that saves your work. You can scroll through the calculator view, and change, add or remove values and operations.

"This app is a calculator which allows you to save, review and edit your calculations. You can give your calculations the name of your choice and save them. You can continue or edit previously saved calculations. The Free version saves up to 10 calculations. When the app closes, it saves the last calculation automatically. Order of operation is modifiable by use of brackets."

--Tip:  This app requires 2.1 Software. The paid version for 99 cents is also available at the App Store.

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