April 8, 2009

Vic Mahfood

Days Until

--Description: Calendar, Free, Native, Utilities--

This is a very helpful utility that is fully customizable with many images and fonts.  Some examples for uses of Days Until include Vacation and Holiday countdown, upcoming Jobs, Taxes, Parties, Concerts and Festivals, just to name a few. You choose your own background, font, layout and color for every event. So keep on top of your priorities, and know your timing down to the day!

"This app monitors and beautifully displays the remaining days until special events in your life.  Download the Free Background application to give you over 5,000 backgrounds to work with. While reviewing an Event, press the Power and Home button at the same time to make a screenshot. It will be saved in your Photoalbum to mail to friends later. Some features include: create and store multiple events, apply your own backgrounds, 16 different fonts, 12 different colors, position text anywhere on screen and more."

--Tip:  This app can help you stay on top of your personal goals such as how many pounds you've lost on a diet, days you have quit smoking or stayed with an exercise program. 

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