April 24, 2009

Vic Mahfood


--Description: 99 cents, Business, Finance Native --

iCash is cool in that you not only see the dollar amount, but you see it in real money, sort of like in a cash register. Some features include realistic animations and sounds, adjusting the layout of money and automatic currency conversion. Best of all, it continues to count in the background.

"This app provides you with an animated report of your earnings in "live" banknotes and coins.  Set up currency: amount of money you earn in a period of time, and watch how your cash increases. Select a time period such as a year, a month, a day or custom timer which lets you see how much you earn."

--Tip:  This app is going on sale on Monday for free per a note at the App Store site, so you may want to try to get it then.

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