April 25, 2009

Vic Mahfood

Parking Pal

--Description: Free, Locator, Native, Utilities --

Parking Pal is a great help when you are in a massive parking lot at the mall, concert, airport, anywhere actually. When you look around, all you notice are a sea of cars.  This app will lead you safely back to your car, or monitor your time if you are parked at a meter.

"Where did I park my car? How much time is left on that parking meter? It can be frustrating. Parking Pal is the tool to help you solve this problem. It has a timer (if you are at a meter), GPS locator, camera to take a picture and garage mode which lets you record lot, level and area number."

--Tip:  This app requires 2.2.1 Software. Save time, money, frustration. No more parking tickets!

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