April 23, 2009


--Description: 99 cents, Messaging, Native, Social Networking--

I just downloaded Twitterena and have been enjoying the colorful cloud background and the ease of use with all functions.  See your followers' recent tweets, look at their profiles, see your direct messages, your replies and replies to your tweets along with many other useful tools. UPDATE 5/5/09: Titterena has made some massive and fabulous changes to the App including search function, rainbow background, actual bird tweets, mentions and so much more.  You must have this App if you are a Twitter client.

"Twitterena is a gorgeous new twitter client made especially for iPhone and iPod Touch. Twitterena has a sleek colorful design enabling you to tweet away quickly. It maintains full functionality of your most-used Twitter tasks, but does it in a nicer way."

--Tip:  This app lets you upload pictures to Twitpic and uses GPS to pinpoint your location.

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