April 6, 2009


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This game is very similar to the Taboo board game in which you have to make your team guess the main word without using all the other words listed on the card. It is wildly fun to be thinking up every word in your vocabulary, except those that are listed which are Verboten or forbidden to be used. This is a very simple game and extremely addicting.  Great for the road or at friendly gatherings.

"Make teams.  Take turns in making your team guess the word on the top of the card.  You are not allowed to use any of the other words on the card.  Basic rules include: 2 teams, a minute per player, you can pass over a word, one point per correct guess, minus one point for using a word on the card, one person from the other team keeps time and checks that no words on the card are used, and the team with the most points wins."

--Tip:  This game will keep your party hopping, or help your road trip melt away!

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