April 1, 2009

WordPower Lite-Portuguese

--Description: Education, Free, Languages, Native--

It is a gift to be able to speak many languages.  Our world is extremely multi-cultural, and rarely a day goes by when you do not interact with someone from another country. Why not learn to speak other languages so you can be proficient when in a different country, or just at home?  Some of the features of this app are: There is a new word or phrase every day, the word is in your native language (romanized, if necessary) with an English definition, listening practice, pronunciation practice, Word Bank flashcards, custom flashcards and volume control.

"Memorize and master the pronunciation of 1 word a day in minutes.  Are you interested in learning Portuguese, but don't have the time? WordPower Lite comes with audio recordings of a native Portuguese speaker, and a voice recorder, so you can master perfect pronunctiation of words and phrases anywhere and at any time. Study at your convenience or save the daily word for later if you wish to the Word Bank."

--Tip:  This app requires 2.1 Software.  There is a paid version for $9.99 available at the App Store.

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