April 8, 2009

Vic Mahfood


--Description: Free, Native, News, Messaging--

You use Yahoo on the web, and now it is on iPhone with many services available to you in one package.  There is simple customization of content and services, continuous updates in news, and a tab where you can configure your own personal interests. You may also connect with your e-mail, IM and social networking sites in one place.  It is a very complete package.

"Yahoo combines all your crucial web services into one easy-to-use application. No more having to open many different web applications to keep up with your daily web activities. Yahoo Search uses your location to find what you want, the hottest news topics and sources are available, you get status updates from social networking sites and your RSS feeds are available."

--Tip:  This app helps you stay on top of sports, weather, horoscopes, news, movies, theaters and much more. There are so many useful features all in one clean interface

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