May 2, 2009


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If you have kids, you know you spend an inordinate amount of time waiting on them for various things, such as school pick-ups, appointments, games or other activities.  You need a good book handy at all times to fill this waiting time.  The Classics supplies you with abundant reading material so you can happily absorb yourself in a good, old-fashioned, well....Classic!

"Escape into some of the greatest stories ever written. Experience digital reading in a way that is perfectly natural. The Classics begins with over a dozen hand-picked literary masterpieces such as The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Iliad, The Count of Monte Cristo, Treasure Island, and Pride and Prejudice.

--Tip:  This is an intuitive and elegant reading experience with realistic 3D page flips that track to your finger. You may even drag your finger a bit to peek at the next page.  Well worth every penny to have these books handy.

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