May 8, 2009

Vic Mahfood

Hiragana Lite

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As a previous student of  Japanese, I have learned to write Hiragana, but have now forgotten much of it.  These flash cards will be invaluable to bring it all back, or for new students to learn. Just lift the card to reveal the answer and swipe to reveal the next card. Hiragana Lite contains the 46 basis Hiragana characters. This is a subset of all the characters available in the Full Version.

"Hiragana is the name of one of the Kana scripts used in the Japanese language. This is the Lite Version of the Hiragana application. With its intuitive flash card interface, Hiragana lets you focus on learning the Japanese Hiragana characters without distraction."

--Tip:  Flippable cards allow you to study either from character to pronunciation, or from pronunciation to character.

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