May 19, 2009

Email 'N Walk

COST: 99 cents
DESCRIPTION: Email, Lifestyle, Native, Utilities
RELEASED: 4/19/09, VERSION: 1.0  has 3 STARS

I just had to write about Email 'N Walk as it struck me with its originality.  We iPhone users must be free to work with our phones while still jogging, walking, talking, you name it! The purpose of this app is to be able to carry on your correspondence while walking so you don't slow up your productivity. However, the camera function lets you see exactly where you are walking through the screen so you don't have a talking/typing accident! Brilliant, but simple.

"Email 'N Walk lets you safely compose emails on the go. Just open up Email 'N Walk and enter the subject and message text, while a transparent view allows you to see the world around you via your iPhone's camera. When finished, just hit "send" to send the message to the iPhone e-mail app, pick your recipients and mail away."

--Tip:  This app is of great benefit to multi-taskers who cannot take a break. However, be careful still in all circumstances, and never use when driving.

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