May 11, 2009

Vic Mahfood

Oceanus Web Browser

Cost: 99 cents
Description: Lifestyle, Native, Utilities
Released: 5/7/09, Version: 1.0 has 3-1/2 Stars

Oceanus is a great, new browser that you may use in place of Safari.  It features tabbed browsing in which it only takes two taps to switch tabs.  It features Bookmarks with folder support in which you can bookmark, edit, delete favorite pages, organize and create folders for your favorites. Oceanus also allows you to make your own homepage. A great feature is the Progress Bar report which lets you view progress for your web page load. Many more helpful features are included.

"This app will help you browse the web with efficiency. Oceanus has search engine integration which integrates your popular web engines and which you would use the same as you do Safari. It is a full-screen browser without toolbars. Experience 25% more screen space in portrait mode and 40% more space in landscape mode.

--Tip:  This app allows you to browse privately without saving any history of your activities, and to lock in your portrait or landscape orientation.

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