May 10, 2009

Vic Mahfood

Talking Tip Calculator Deluxe

--Description: 99 cents, Calulator, Native, Utilities, 2-1/2 Stars--

Talking Tip Calculator will come in very handy when you take Mom out for  her special Mother's Day dinner tonight.  What a fantastic idea to have the numbers spoken for clarity in case it is difficult to read the iPhone's numbers. Additionally, the date and time are recorded when the bill is created.  There is an e-mail function to also mail a copy of the bill to those present.

"This app helps you calculate the tip with the amount you want instantly. You will have the option to split the bill evenly between as many parties as you need. Some great additional features are: talking calculator - which speaks the number buttons you tap in case it is difficult to read them. Another great feature is date and time record - which enters the date and time automatically for every bill created."

--Tip:  This app has many more functions than the standard tipping calculator. The talk, date/time record, save and e-mail functions are invaluable.

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