June 22, 2009

Vic Mahfood

Picture Clue

COST: $1.99
DESCRIPTION: Entertainment, Games, Native, Puzzle
..RELEASED: 5/10/09, VERSION: 1.1 -- RATING: 3 Stars..

This game is a great alternative to Hangman. I love uncovering the picture piece by piece. It adds a whole new dimension to the game. A great feature is having the letters color coded depending on its frequency in English words. Of course, the cheapest letters are Z, X, Q and J because they are so infrequently used in words. On the other hand, E is the most expensive letter as it is such a commonly used vowel. There is a Give Up button in case you absolutely cannot guess, so go ahead and give the word your best shot! Picture Clue currently has 80 puzzle pictures, but you can expect more in future updates.

"Picture Clue is a unique word game where you have to guess the words from a picture clue. In hangman style, as you try letter by letter, the picture clue is released piece by piece. The maximum score possible in any round is 100. As you try more and more letters, you lose points. Once you guess the secret word correctly, you move to the bonus round. Here you have to guess the two bonus words correctly without missing a single letter."

--Note:  This app requires OS 2.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Tip: The Lite Version is also available in the App Store for Free.
--Languages: English
--Developer: TechReply.com

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