July 18, 2009

Vic Mahfood

Pizza Hut

COST:  Free
DESCRIPTION: Lifestyle, Native, Recipes
..RELEASED: 7/8/09, VERSION: 1.0 -- RATING: 3 Stars..

It is a barrel of fun to virtually make your own pizza on your iPhone. Create your pizza making your own choices of crust, size and toppings. If you want peppers, mushrooms, pepperoni or sausage, just tilt your phone and the toppings will move to cover your pizza. Make your wings the way you prefer, whether it's with the bone in or out, crispy or traditional, sauce or none. Browse the coupons on the virtual fridge, maybe you could use one. If you have a favorite meal that you usually like to order, go ahead and save it to Favorites. That will make ordering your food quicker the next time. And if you just want to play, jump in the Pizza Hut car to see how fast you can deliver a pizza. Pizza Hut makes ordering pizza a whole new, fun activity, and one you'll want to do every day.

"We've taken the coolest iPhone functionality and used it for ordering pizza, pasta and wings from pizza hut, easy, fast and fun. You can drag it, tap it, pinch it, stretch it, tilt it, shake it, play it, order it and enjoy it. It's the killer app for your appetite."

--Note:  This app requires OS 2.2 or later. Rated 4+.
--Tip: Ordering functionality for US residents only.
--Languages: English
--Developer: imc2, LLC

Note: Prices, Ratings and Versions are subject to change. Please visit the iTunes App Store for more details, and to download:
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--SMS Acronyms:
HF - Hello Friend / Have Fun / Have Faith

--Tech Jargon: beta bugs - The problems, errors, glitches, or anomalies identified during the pre-release phase of a commercial computer product. Beta bugs usually pertain to software (such as an operating system or Web server application), but this term is also used to refer to hardware.

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