October 23, 2009

Vic Mahfood

Free Mobile2Mobile

COST: 99 cents
DESCRIPTION: Lifestyle, Native, Productivity, Reference
..RELEASED: 10/8/09, VERSION: 1.0 -- RATING: 4 Stars..

To be able to make the max out of your phone minutes, you need several items factored in your ATT account. One is the A-List plan, but the most important is Free Mobile2Mobile which allows you to check every mobile phone number you dial to be sure it is on the ATT network, and thus does not use the minutes in your package. It is possible to verify mobile-to-mobile numbers on your account online. However, it is a bit of a painful procedure logging on, then navigating to the exact page which offers this verification of mobile numbers on the ATT network. It has also become quite a bother to me because this online page has been moved several times as ATT streamlines their web design. Free Mobile2-Mobile really makes it simple for you. Enter your log-in information once, and it is securely stored. Then every time you use the app after that, you bypass the login password and passcode and are taken straight to the Check Number screen where you can immediately enter the number in question. That's it! No navigation or wait required. Free Mobile2Mobile works flawlessly and quickly. Additionally, let me mention that you receive prompt customer service should you need it! Don't let your family members have your phone-bill spiraling out of control with using non-ATT numbers. Use Free Mobile2Mobile to be certain your minutes are not being needlessly consumed by other networks.

"Look up a number to immediately check if a person is on the ATT Network. Make free calls to this person all day long."

--OS and Age Rating:  This app requires OS 3.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Tip: If you encounter any difficulties, please contact the developer at the website: Plainly Productive, and you will shortly receive a response. Version 2 is underway, and will strengthen the interaction with the iPhone's native resources by pulling numbers into the mobile look-up box from bookmarks, contacts, history, etc. Stay tuned.
--Languages: English
--Developer: Plainly Productive

Note: Prices, Ratings and Versions are subject to change. Please visit the iTunes App Store for more details, and to download:

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