November 20, 2009

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COST: $1.99
CATEGORIES: Communications, Entertainment, Literary, Native, Social Networking
..RELEASED: 11/19/09, VERSION: 1.1.0 -- RATING: 4 Stars..

Expressing yourself with poetry is a great stress reliever, and a useful way to sort out your feelings, or describe all that is going on in your life. Twiku gives you a jump start on your poetry expression by helping you to write haikus when you most need to put your thoughts "on paper", so to speak. I love the ease, simplictiy and the syllable counter of Twiku. When you first enter Twiku, you will need to enter your Twitter name and password. After that, you will be taken to a screen where you may compose a haiku. Some of the very helpful features of Twiku are: a 120,000 word syllable counting dictionary, along with a syllable counting algorithm, assistance in writing 4 different types of Haiku, work is saved to a draft and haiku may be e-mailed. My particularly favorite features though are the introduction to Haiku which defines the essence of this beautiful verse form, and being able to read other haikus which have been posted on Twitter. This sort of helps to keep me in line with my own writing. Remember haikus are only 3 lines long, so you can become a versatile poet with very little effort and the help of Twiku.

"There are many Twitter clients, but only Twiku can make your tweets poetry. It will help you to create tiny poems called haiku. They're great fun and only take a few minutes each."

--OS and Age Rating:  This app requires OS or later. Rated 4+.
--Tip: Twiku ignores hashtags in your poems. Of the four types of Haiku featured, one is traditional Japanese style, and the others are more suited for modern western languages.
--Languages: English
--Developer: bitolithic

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