December 10, 2009

Vic Mahfood

AT&T Mark the Spot

COST: Free
CATEGORIES: Communications, Native, Utilities
..RELEASED: 12/7/09, VERSION: 1.0.1 -- RATING: 3-1/2 Stars..

We are always reading about bandwidth problems, specifically lack of it due to overloading of networks. More commonly, we hear about dropped calls from carriers. AT&T knows that many of you experience these problems, but don't necessarily have the time to make a call to the company to complain. With AT&T Mark the Spot, you can now alert AT&T as to specific problems. With this app, you may: submit a real-time report with local GPS information along with the time and date of occurrence, submit a report even when you are no longer at the site of occurrence, and submit a report of a dropped call, failed call, lack of data coverage, data service failure or poor voice quality. The part I appreciate most about AT&T Mark the Spot is receiving a free SMS which acknowledges that AT&T has received my report and will be looking into correcting the problem. You may also add optional notes as to any other factors concerning the incident. This app is very simple to use and a time-saver. AT&T Mark the Spot will help AT&T improve its services and work towards increasing its worth as a carrier.

"AT&T Mark The Spot is an application that provides customers the means to provide feedback on network user experience to AT&T."

--OS and Age Rating:  This app requires OS 3.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Tip: Maps integration pinpoints the location where the incident occurred.
--Languages: English
--Developer: AT&T

Note: Prices, Ratings and Versions are subject to change. Please visit the iTunes App Store for more details, and to download:

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