December 27, 2009

Vic Mahfood

Services Offered to Developers & Advertisers

Cool iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Apps works hard to showcase and publicize apps with all the necessary information for purchase by app lovers. Additionally, we feature your Press Releases or other breaking news. We are dedicated to presenting the public with fair, succinct information on apps that are useful, entertaining and helpful to all ages. We commit to represent all apps fairly upon review with no prejudice or bias involved. Reviews are of a promotional, positive nature mainly listing the features, images and videos of the app.
There are minimal fees for the services, time and conscientious effort involved in representing you, and maintaining contact with you at all times. Apps and articles will be completed within 2 days of payment to Paypal. You may use either the Donate button on site for Paypal, or send Paypal payment to Below is a current fee schedule:

App Reviews: $.. Review plus Review Promo.
The first 6 Tweets will be at no charge to announce the App Review. Thereafter, there will be a charge of per Tweet on this same app. Your wording or ours for Tweeting will be used.
-We will post one Keyword Link to your site (in addition to Developer link) at no charge.
-We will be happy to do App Promo Contest giveaways for up to 8 promos at no charge.
-NOTE: We post your Review to at least 20 social networking sites at no charge.
--Review will include: approx. 300 word count, screenshot of display and icon, Video, Categories, Price, Release Date and Version, Device, OS Version & Age Ranking, Link to iTunes App Store, Star Rating, Languages, Facebook and Twitter ID, Device type, Developer's Name & Link to Website—

Single Tweets (1-10):     $.. per Tweet on information of your choice

Bulk Tweets (11-50):
       $.. for 11 – 30 Tweets, $.. for 31-50    Tweets (2 Variations only)

Keyword Links to site:   $.. each (keyword and link of your choice)

--The following items will be featured in the right sidebar of Cool iPhone Apps, (see sample feature on site) will contain wording as provided by you, will be tweeted to announce the feature 3 times, and will be valid for a 14-day term with one revision by you, if necessary:

Press Releases:              $.. for up to 250 words

Developer Bios:              $.. for up to 200 words

Contest News:                 $.. for up to 200 words

Other News Feature:       $ .. for up to 150 words

Link-Our Site to Yours:    $../month

Cool iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Apps has many loyal followers, and a large traffic count from app lovers worldwide. In addition to this regular, daily traffic, there is a Subscriber following of over 60,000 friends. Our goal is to serve both the developer and the reader in such a way as to provide equal satisfaction and unparalleled service to both. Visit our site to see our work at:

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