February 18, 2010

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Emily's Girl Talk

COST: 99 cents
CATEGORIES: Elementary School, Entertainment, Games, Middle School, Native
..RELEASED: 2/17/10, VERSION: 1.0 -- RATING: 5 Stars..
BIG CONTEST NEWS: Enter a contest to become a sticker inside the game, by:
(i) Posting a screenshot of your favorite story from Emily's Girl Talk on the Facebook fan page: (http://bit.ly/2nQoa8)
(ii) Tweeting it to: @EmilysGirlTalk on Twitter, or
(iii) E-mailing it to: Contests@BrokenThumbsApps.com by April 1st

Little girls are the joys of their parents' lives. Yes, boys are wonderful, loving power-houses too, however, little girls can wrap you around their little fingers. They spend much time dreaming about their future: when they will be married and have babies of their own, hence their fascination with baby-dolls and doll-house toys! Emily's Girl Talk is an adorable iPhone app game geared towards young girls with lots of games to play and a journal in which the results of all these games are recorded. In this all-in-one app, you've got 4 sweet little games, a journal and a sticker album to play with. Here's the scoop on what these games are all about:

- MASH: Stands for mansion, apartment, shack, house - you get to make choices to foretell your future life
- Lemon: A story-telling game with cute sayings
- Cootie Catcher: A fortune-telling game with awesome predictions
- Love Game: A predictor of if you and your crush will have true love
- Journal: Saves results of all the games you've played to share or review
- Sticker Album: Earn stickers throughout your play-time

When you open Emily's Girl Talk, you are given a screen which displays 'Emily' and the following choices (accompanied by soothing music): Play, My Journal, Options, News, Email Emily and My Sticker Album. If you tap Play, you are taken to the first game screen which is MASH. If you select this game, you will fill out categories such as names of crushes, cars, cities, jobs, wedding dress colors and numbers. When you've completed your selections, tap a magic number below. Abra Cadabra! Your choices have created a paragraph of what your future life will be like! In the Lemon game, again fill out categories of girl's names, boy's names, body parts, cities and things you can do with a lemon! Tap the lucky number underneath, and hey presto, you will be given all sorts of funny sayings made from your selections!

Cootie Catcher lets you know if you will grow up to be rich and famous, or if you will meet your true love, by typing in a question and using the paper fortune teller for your answer. I admit this was my favorite game. Remember the square of paper from your school days that you folded into about 8 triangles which had numbers and answers written on each triangle? This game is it! Just as much fun, but now it's electronic and comes with great sound effects! I asked if I was hot, and the answer was, "Without a doubt!" Now that's the kind of answer I like! The Love game was just as fun. Enter your name and that of your crush. The cupid will perform magic with a special math formula and give you a percentage of your chance for love! Results of these cute games will be saved in the Journal, and you can then share them with your friends by e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. I also discovered that by playing the games, I had earned stickers in my Sticker Album! So much good stuff! Emily's Girl Talk is the perfect game for little girls who love to dream and plan a bright and beautiful future!

"Want to know who you're going to marry? Or if you'll be living in a huge mansion or a tiny shack? Are you and your crush compatible?"

--OS and Age Rating:  This app requires OS 2.2.1 or later. OS 3.0 Tested. Rated 4+.
--Tip/Tutorials: Special introductory price for a limited time only!
Be sure to watch the video on YouTube: Emily's Girl Talk
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch
--Languages: English
--Developer Link: Broken Thumbs
--Twitter Link: @EmilysGirlTalk
--Facebook Link: BrokenThumbsApps

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