February 27, 2010

Vic Mahfood

More Cupcakes!

COST: 99 cents
CATEGORIES: Entertainment, Food, Games, Native
..RELEASED: 2/23/10, VERSION: 1.0 -- RATING: 4-1/2 Stars..

Do you feel in the mood like baking, but don't want to mess up any pans or get flour thrown around the kitchen? Or more likely, do you want to keep your kids happily engaged baking scrumptious make-believe cupcakes in your kitchen without using the oven? If so, then More Cupcakes! is the perfect entertainment app to keep everyone happily satisfied. This app lets you produce the most delectable cupcakes you'll ever see from preparing batter to the finished, baked perfection. Once cupcakes are baked, shake to get them out of the pan, and then select frosting and yummy candy toppings to send your imaginary taste buds over the moon! Delightful morsels from More Cupcakes! include such features as:
  • 10 different, pretty colors and patterns of cupcake liners
  • 5 different, yummy cake batters
  • Ability to set your baking time from lightly baked to crispy burnt
  • 10 types of scrumptious, creamy frosting
  • 16 delicious candy toppings
  • 10 types of plates along with 6 lovely tablecloths
When your cupcakes are finished 'baking', share them with friends or family via e-mail, or save to your photo album! What a perfect way to spend an afternoon while you're housebound from snow or rain storms! As you help your kids prepare some tasty treats for the family, it might even prompt you to bake the real thing! Kids love the beautiful, realistic cupcakes with their pretty pastel colors, the many choices that are available to them in decorating, and pretending to bake just like Mommy! More Cupcakes! puts the frosting on a happy day with the family.

Developer Quote: "More Cupcakes! lets you bake, decorate, eat and share yummy cupcakes right from your iPod Touch or iPhone."

--OS and Age Rating:  This app requires OS 2.2.1 or later. OS 3.0 Tested. Rated 4+.
--Tip/Tutorials: More batters, linings, toppings & goodies in the next update.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch
--Languages: English
--Developer Link: Maverick Software
--Twitter Link: N/A
--Facebook Link: N/A

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