March 12, 2010

Vic Mahfood

Smiley Sight Words

COST: 99 cents
CATEGORIES: Education, Elementary School, Entertainment, Games, Native, Preschool
..RELEASED: 3/11/10, VERSION: 1.0 -- RATING: N/A Stars..

Without an education you have nothing, and since we can start educating our children from literally the day they are born, why not get a start on it! Smiley Sight Words contains over 1,500 common sight words from a popular group of high-frequency word lists. If you want the easy way, choose the ready-made set of flash cards, or begin to customize one yourself. The reward system here is that your child will try to earn 3 thumbs-up smileys for each word. Up to 5 players may enjoy this game, and each may have his own settings and name customized. Just a few of the great educational features of this game are as follows:
  • Top 1000 - 40 levels sorted by frequency
  • Dolch 300 - 7 levels (pre-primer, primer, grade 1-3, nouns 1-2)
  • Dolch 300 - 11 levels sorted by frequency
  • Fry 1000 - 10 levels sorted by frequency
  • UK 1000 - 10 levels sorted by frequency
  • More Words - Upper and lower-case alphabet, numbers 0-100, colors, shapes, animals, months
  • Words organized by number of letters
  • 5 Customizable Flash Card sets
  • Show and Hide individual words
  • Mark flash cards with smileys
  • Flash cards respond to swipes, shakes, and taps
Sight words (such as and, find, it, is) often cannot be illustrated with simple pictures or sounded out according to phonetic rules. This is why they need to be learned and recognized on sight, and so you will see these lists often written on the teacher's blackboard or flipchart. Your child will enjoy learning and receiving cute smileys in return for his efforts. A couple nice features are being able to save a progress report to the photo album, and the excellent pronunciation for each word. Let your child start practicing his Smiley Sight Words so that his reading will shortly improve.

Developer Quote: "Smiley Sight Words will help teach high-frequency sight words to your child!"

--OS and Age Rating:  This app requires OS 3.1.2 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch
--Languages: English
--Developer Link: 24x7digital
--Twitter Link: N/A
--Facebook Link: 24x7digital

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