April 2, 2010

Vic Mahfood

MatchaCha! Match Revolution

COST: 99 cents
CATEGORIES: Entertainment, Games, Native, Puzzle
..UPDATED: 12/3/09, VERSION: 1.1 -- RATING: 2-1/2 Stars..

Playing games any time is a great stress reliever. However, now that we've finally arrived at the weekend, it's the perfect time to sit back, relax and enjoy some superb games for all ages. My favorite games are the puzzle type, particularly those for the family. Any kind of puzzle, just something where I really have to use my brain. MatchaCha! Match Revolution is just such an engaging and challenging game. You must match the colors and shapes of the images displayed with the main, center image, all before the timer runs out! Use your thumb on the right to pick the correctly matching color from the palette, and the one on the left to get the right shape. Some fast action is required as the game progresses. Beware of the enemies that appear to trick you. In those cases, you must shake or rotate your device to vanquish them. MachaCha! has vividly colored graphics and a lively music soundtrack. To add a special dimension to the game, the block shapes each have names. They are Katanga, Codrillo, Zitho and Titta.

MatchaCha! Match Revolution is OpenFeint enabled with a global scoreboard and many achievements you can try to obtain. Here's the thing-the cute, simplistic and colorful characters can really trick you into thinking the game is an easy time passer. Don't be fooled though...it is not! The challenges start adding up as you get more involved in the game with colors and shapes appearing all over the screen. Be quick and be sharp if you want to rack up points in this intriguing game! Enjoy the fun iPhone, educational game MatchaCha! Match Revolution today when you feel like giving your brain and hands a great workout!

Developer Quote: "Let's test your reflexes with MatchaCha! Match colors and shapes according to the images that appear in the center of the screen..."

--OS and Age Rating:  This app requires OS 2.2.1 or later. OS 3.0 Tested. Rated 4+.
--Tip/Tutorials: New levels coming very soon in the next update! Learn more about MatchaCha! and Playhaven at: ZetAdventure
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Languages: English
--Developer Link: ZetAdventure
--Twitter Link: N/A
--Facebook Link: N/A

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