June 17, 2010

Vic Mahfood

Finger Physics: Finger Fun

COST: 99 cents
CATEGORIES: Entertainment, Games, Native, Puzzle
..UPDATED: 5/20/10, VERSION: 1.7 -- RATING: 4 Stars..

Developer Snapshot: "So what is Finger Physics? It’s 23 Stages and 207 levels of finger puzzling amazingness."

If you're up for a puzzling adventure using nothing more than your fingers and some brainwork, you're in luck! Finger Physics: Finger Fun is a challenging and mind-bending game that keeps your fingers solving amazing puzzles. Flex your fingers to start moving shapes that move and shapes that stubbornly stay in place. Enjoy OpenFeint play along with the Doodler himself. Some of the neat features of Finger Physics are as follows:

- 207 Levels with more added all the time (up from 81 at the initial launch)
- 7 game modes including tons of Egg levels – everyone’s favorite
- Exploding blocks
- Magnetized circles, squares and triangles
- Shapes that float and shapes that don’t
- OpenFeint integration with tons of achievements
- Global leader board for free play levels
- Also starring Doodle the Doodler as himself!

With 207 puzzles, I think you'll be busy with some serious entertainment and brain activity for a long time. That's just logical, isn't it? And logic is what Finger Fun is all about. Oh, and as an aside for you Doodle people, Doodle the Doodler is now in Finger Physics to add to the fun. Finger Physics is updated very often with additional game levels so that you can never become bored. Get a top-level, intriguing game that you will truly hate to put down.

--OS and Age Rating:  This app requires OS 2.2.1 or later. OS 3.0 Tested. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Languages: English
--Developer Link: PressOK Entertainment
--Twitter Link: @pressOK
--Facebook Link: PressOK Entertainment

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