August 7, 2010

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COST: 99 cents
CATEGORIES: Arcade, Cartoons, Entertainment, Games, Native
..RELEASED: 7/22/10, VERSION: 1.0 -- RATING: 5 Stars..

Developer Snapshot: "Do you think you could have made it in the Wild Wild West? Would you have risen to become the fastest draw in the west?"

What sort of games do you have planned to play on your phone today? Puzzle, action, arcade perhaps? Well, !Draw! is a neat mix of cartoon characters, action and arcade games! Unique and unusual? Yes, and it all takes place in the Wild West of years ago when cowboys ruled the town and duels were as common as feeding the horses. Did you ever have dreams of living in those rough, crazy, gun-toting days? Here's your chance to live out those fantasies. Some of the key features of !Draw! include the following, fun features:

- Shakey McGee (gun fighting may not be his true calling)
- Quick Gun Murugun
- Scar-Eye Joe (faster than a rattlesnake)
- Great musical score and background

Open up the !Draw! app, and you'll see a warning to "Draw and Test Your Reflexes"! Tap the screen, and you will then be given instructions on how to play the game. Then tap Fire Away to begin at which point you can practice or duel. I'd advise you to practice first to get the swing of things. Now appears the mean gunslinger and a target in a dry and dusty desert scene. Just swipe up on your gun to remove it from the holster, tap the target and shoot, then why not practice a few times? After each shot, you are given the choice to Practice Again or Duel. If you choose Duel, another ornery cowboy will appear with a short and comical bio on his shooting abilities. Tap Fight to let the duel begin. At the count of 3, draw your gun and fire to see who wins this life and death battle. If you lose, you just might want to practice with your target some more. That's the essence of !Draw! Something else to put you in the Wild West mood is the cool background music (complete with horses neighing) which is a great, original score by the former lead singer of Great Teacher. Parents, you may want to heed the age requirements of this app as shooting with guns is the primary theme. Still, it is laced with plenty of humor and boyish fun. !Draw! is an action, arcade game that will remind you of the good, old days of Bonanza and the Lone Ranger, where bravery was your first weapon, and guns your best friend.

--OS and Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.0 or later. Rated 9+ Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence.
--Tip/Tutorials: Head over to PowerJab on Facebook (link below) for updates, and lots of prizes.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Languages: English
--Developer Link: PowerJab LLC
--Twitter Link: @PowerJab
--Facebook Link: PowerJab

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