July 6, 2011

Vic Mahfood


Developer Quote: "DropZap is a NOT a color matching game! Rather, you SHRINK blocks until they disappear!"

- COST: 99 cents    - APP STORE STARS: 3-1/2
- Categories: Entertainment, Games, Native, Puzzle, Universal

Looking for a puzzle game with a little twist? You might want to try DropZap! It's different for one main reason. You must make your squares disappear by shrinking them, not by matching three of the same color or design as is the usual case. You just tap or drag to select the column where you want the square to land. When any square lands, it then shrinks squares below and sideways of it. The smallest square colored red disappears when shrunk. Your game ends when the grid is full or the squares go beyond the top. Notice that when a square disappears, any squares above it will fall, resulting in other squares disappearing. The way I see it is that if you are a fan of Tetris, or Bejewelled, then you will definitely appreciate the similar and intriguing challenges of DropZap! Here is a bit of information on the various modes in which you can play this challenging game.

(1) Standard: This mode is level-oriented and does not require quick reaction time.

(2) Relentless: This mode is not level-oriented and does not require quick reaction time.

(3) Action: This mode is level-oriented and requires quick reaction time.

(4) Relentless Action: This mode is not level-oriented and requires quick reaction time.

(5) Two Players: This a split-screen mode where two players compete using the same device. The player who removes 25 more squares than his/her opponent or outlasts his/her opponent wins.

So you will probably want to get your feet wet in standard mode then work up to Relentless Action if you really want to practice your reflexes! Remember in single player mode, you can utilize local and global leaderboards. Dazzling graphics and addicting gameplay are going to glue your fingers to your device when playing DropZap, the quick-moving iPad and iPhone puzzle game.

--Date/Version: Updated 5/30/11 - Version 2.5.2
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 3.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Special Note: Drop Zap 2 also available on the App Store
--Device: (+ Universal: For iPhone/iPad), iPod Touch
--Developer Link: Amir Michail

Visit the iTunes App Store for more details, and to download:

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