October 25, 2010

Vic Mahfood

Chore Pad

Developer Quote: "Scrap those paper charts and let Chore Pad make chores simple and fun for the whole family!"

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- Categories: Native, Lifestyle, Lists, Organization, Productivity

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Well I've found a really useful tool to have handy whether you live with room-mates or family. The universal problem always arises..who is going to do what chore! There is a dishwasher to be emptied, laundry to be done, dusting, mopping, vaccuuming and so forth. Of course, nobody wants to do anything! Chore Pad alleviates this problem by providing each user with their own weekly chore chart which automatically shows the current week, highlights the current day and tracks the progress. To get started, simply add each member of your family as a user, add as many chores as you'd like to the Chore Chest, use the Chore Chest to assign chores and set up rewards for the kids. Some of the helpful features of Chore Pad are as follows:

- Weekly and daily chore chart views
- Chore icons
- Fun sounds and animations
- Collect stars to "buy" rewards
- See all rewards received in the rewards history view
- Collect checkmarks to earn trophies
- Add chores to the Chore Chest for easy assignment to multiple users
- Customize chores for each user
- Set up repeat intervals and assign chores to any combination of days
- Drag and drop chore reordering
- User photo selection complete with move and scale
- Data protection through the Settings application

When I was in college, I could have used just such a productivity app so that my room-mates would take care of their tasks instead of living like a herd of buffalo! My point being that chores do not just apply to kids! Anyway, as you use the app, completing chores involves simply tapping the appropriate box. Paying out rewards (for kids) is just another tap on the screen, and Chore Pad even tracks reward histories so you can avoid miscommunication over payments (another popular problem with chores!) I would definitely recommend Chore Pad as a helpful tool to any family who wants to keep their home in ship shape condition, as well as keep the peace among family members!

--Date/Version: Updated 10/19/10 - Version 1.4
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 3.0 or later. iOS 4.0 Tested. Rated 4+.
--Tip/Tutorials: Assign an icon to each chore from a variety of 64 icons.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Languages: English
--Developer Link: Nannek
--Twitter Link: @chorepad
--Facebook Link: Chore Pad

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