November 26, 2010

Vic Mahfood

Training Your Dog

Developer Quote: "Discover Proven Ways and Methods You Can Use to Train Your Dog!"

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- Categories: Animals, Lifestyle, Native

This holiday, there will probably be several boys and girls ecstatic over receiving an adorable puppy or kitten with a pretty red bow as a gift. Nothing delights a child (or adult) more than a fluffy, cute and playful pet. Puppies are so lovable, but they must be trained correctly, or else they will wreak havoc on your home. Much as you love your pet, you may be tempted to give it away or take it to a shelter because of horrible behaviors. However, there is a way to avoid that frustration and heartache. Be mindful that pets are not little people, but simply animals and often have behavioral problems, no matter the dignified breed, or lack thereof. Be prepared to deal with and prevent any unwelcome pet behaviors by using Training Your Dog. You will be amazed at how much you learn and can use to create harmony between you, your dog, your family and your home. Some of the useful information and features of this dog training app are as follows:

- The importance of getting rid of your dog’s bad behaviors
- Why biting should be stopped when your dog is still a puppy
- How howling, whining and barking can be nerve wracking and what you can do about it
- What you can do about your dog’s chewing problems
- Why your dog jumping on other people can pose a problem and what you can do about it

You will learn how to tackle each problem like:

- Biting
- Problems with Chewing
- Pulling and Tugging on a Leash
- Jumping on People
- Begging
- Excitement Urination
- Submissive Urination
- Not Heeding the Owners Call
- Chasing People, Objects and Other Things
- Escaping and Roaming
- Out and About
- Dog Fighting
- Keeping Your Dog out of the Garbage
- Digging Up Holes in the Yard
- The Cause of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
- Whining, Howling and Excessive Barking

Use this opportunity to learn about what makes your dog act in a certain way, and how to prevent matters from getting worse. Learn what triggers your dog to bad behaviors and what treats or actions he will see as rewards. Don't get a new pet only to give it away because you are not able to deal with the accompanying problems. Be prepared to work through this new relationship with your furry friend as smoothly as possible with Training Your Dog.

--Date/Version: Released 11/26/10 - Version 1.0
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 3.0 or later. Rated 9+ for Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
--Tip/Tutorials: On Sale Now! (Normal Price $17.99)
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Languages: English
--Developer Link: App Warrior
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