November 18, 2010

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Developer Quote: TRIVIO is the new mobile trivia game where you SAY THE ANSWER OUT LOUD! And who doesn't love a BIG RED BUTTON? Like a TV game show, test your knowledge of trivia by SPEAKING FROM MEMORY.

- COST: Free    - RATING: 3 Stars
- Categories: Bluetooth, Entertainment, Games, Native, Trivia

A few weeks ago, we wrote about an innovative trivia game with the appropriate name of Trivio. What we found unique about this game was that instead of tapping the correct answer to a question, you instead tap or (or excitedly thump) the big red button just like the players do on TV game shows! Once you've smacked the red button, a microphone appears and you actually get to speak out loud your answer to the question. That is exactly the innovative feature that drew our attention to Trivio. Let me add that the voice recognition is just fantastic! As many times as I've played, I've never had my verbal responses interpreted incorrectly. Trivio poses challenging questions from many different categories, and you can enjoy this game in two ways. First of all, play by yourself, testing your own wits with these dynamic questions. Secondly, Trivio has now updated the app with a great new feature called Teams! With Teams, you may connect iDevices by bluetooth so you can enjoy playing with family and friends.

Just how much do you know about life and current events? Are you knowledgeable about sciences, sports and history? Can you handle pulling an answer out of your hat under the pressure of a timer ticking away? Do you think you're one of those who are academically WAY above the rest, and are anxious to prove it? Well then, let's take a look at some of the many innovative features of Trivio that will help you prove your smarts to family and friends, and maybe even surprise yourself! In fact, go head-to-head with buddies playing Teams mode to see just who is a quicker thinker, and has faster reflexes for the big red button. This iPhone game app has the following exciting features:

- Built-in robot with Speech Recognition and voice-activated artificial intelligence used when you answer the questions
- Thousands of questions from multiple categories including:
General Knowledge, Geography, History, Literature, Math & Science, Entertainment and Sports
- 4 Difficulty levels ranging from Easy to Killer
- Option to see the top 10 High Scores
- With every update, more free questions are added to the game. However, you can make a Top In App Purchase for additional trivia packs covering multiple categories.

With Update 1.0.7 to Trivio, came many excellent new features and revisions as shown below:

- Added "Sound Precision" to Settings to guarantee excellent voice recognition

- Added new Auto Pilot feature to let the game advance to the next question without hitting Next each time (found under the More/Difficulty setting)

- Increased speed of when microphone image appears

- Added a difficulty option to let a player pick Easy, Harder, Difficult and Killer questions (found under the More/Difficulty setting)

- Questions: less Baseball, more Soccer and other sports. Fixed year when Salem Witch Trials occurred, and FDR quote

- New question style: Finish the lyrics...

- Added more questions to Starter pack

Open Trivio and you will be able to choose either the Solo or Teams game mode. Also, you will notice a few buttons on the bottom of your display. The "?" will give you simple instructions on how to play this fun and addicting game. The gear wheel will give you the options of Scores (after you've played a bit, you can check the top 10 high ones), select your category of questions or use All Categories, toggle Game Sounds on or off and select the amount of time you may need to answer questions (the default is 10 seconds). Tap either Solo or Teams when you are ready to play.

When Trivio asks you a question, if you know or can guess the answer, tap the Big Red Button! The microphone will appear and you may now speak your reply. Notice the 10 blue dots at the top left of the display which will become either green (correct) or red (wrong) as you answer your questions. I love the applause when I answer a question correctly...that's a really nice touch and reward for all this brain teasing! If you get 5 or more questions right, you can proudly move on up to the next round. Trivio has a complex scoring system whereby the quicker time span in which you answer and the more difficult your questions, the more points you get. And if you get 10 correct answers in a row (which is definitely a feat) you will get 10,000 bonus points!

Challenge yourself with hours of compelling trivia questions on a variety of topics. This trivia game has thousands of questions just waiting for you to tackle. Enjoy trivia like never before with voice technology that works smoothly and efficiently each time to increase your gaming pleasure! And did we mention that Trivio is FREE?

--Date/Version: Updated 11/16/10 - Version 1.0.7
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 3.1.3 or later. iOS 4.0 Tested. Rated 4+.
--Notable: Trivo has been featured on the App Store as New & Noteworthy in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and United Kingdom!
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch (2nd, 3rd, 4th generation-for older devices, you will need earbuds with a microphone) and iPad
--Languages: English
--Developer Link: Flurple Corp.
--Twitter Link: @flurple2
--Facebook Link: Flurple2

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