December 9, 2010

Vic Mahfood

A Present for Milo-A Touch-and-Surprise Storybook [iPad]

Developer Quote: "With more than 80 tap-interactive objects that initiate more than 125 animations just right for active young fingers and minds, this interactive exciting cat-chases-mouse story is ideal for pre-readers and young readers alike."

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There's nothing more heart-warming than to watch your child totally engaged with a charming book of colorful pictures and sounds. Their eyes are happily shining and their mouths are busily trying to sound out the words. They are so caught up in the story that you are certain they are both learning and being entertained simultaneously. This has never been more evident than with the adorable story of the cat Milo in his very own book entitled, A Present for Milo, a classic cat-chases-mouse story. The vocabulary is at exactly the appropriate level for little readers, while the pictures and sound effects are entrancing enough to keep them occupied as Mom gets her chores done! Of course, the story is well presented on the large screen of your iPad in this engaging children's book app!

The story starts off with Milo knocking on the wall of the mouse-hole. The mouse peeks out, sees the big, happy cat and is ready to have some fun. They go on a whirlwind adventure through, around, under and over several toys in Milo's house. As they chase and play, you will hear fun sound effects to match each object. Imagine over 80 tap-interactive objects that set off 125 animations when you touch one! It is so neat to see toys and household objects spring to life to make realistic sounds that grab your attention. (And even though, I am an adult, I find myself smiling as much as, or more than, a child)!

This lively adventure is so boisterous for the animals, it cannot help but draw you into the excitement. The mouse is a master of disguise, and you will see him parading as different characters throughout the story. I like the repetition of words which train young minds. This is a key factor in teaching children the meaning and pronunciation of the English language. There are several humorous scenes, but Milo running across the piano playing the keys is hilarious. Some of the wonderfully entertaining features of this storybook app are as follows:

- Perfect for pre-readers and young readers. All animations, narration and sound effects are activated by a simple finger tap or swipe.
- Includes read-along text (that repeats when tapped), and comical narration by the author.
- Each screen draws the reader into the story, opening with slapstick chase animations that repeat (and sometimes change) when you touch the main characters.
- Join in the fun! Touch objects in every room to see more than 125 animations with dozens of hidden surprises on every screen!
- Hours of entertainment with a thoroughly engaging story, animations, tappable surprises and silly sound effects.

What I truly appreciate about A Present for Milo is that it offers plenty of interactivity to keep your child enjoying each moment. Every page has an animation to delight and bring a chuckle to your child. It is exactly this kind of book that makes children want more of the same, and fosters a love of reading. Their imaginations will develop and they will be happily surprised by discovering the animations as their fingers move across each colorful page.

COOL CONCLUSION: "A Present for Milo is a remarkably entertaining book with excellent quality animations and sound effects that guarantee enjoyment and ceaseless interaction by young children."
--Date/Version: Released 12/8/10 - Version 1.0
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 3.2 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPad
--Languages: English
--Developer Link: RuckusMedia
--Twitter Link: @ruckusmedia
--Facebook Link: Ruckus Media Group

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