December 2, 2010

Vic Mahfood

Ringtone DJ

Developer Quote: "Ringtone DJ allows you to create unlimited custom ringtones by mixing professionally created samples together."

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This is a very sociable time of year when the phone is ringing endlessly, while mail and greetings are slinging their way back and forth through cyberspace and countries. If you are busy, you don't have to open your mail just yet. However, if your phone is ringing in your pocket you can't get to the caller ID, and so you may answer it only to find it's the credit card company calling or Great-Aunt Sue offering you a fruitcake for Christmas. You curse under your breath wishing you'd never answered the aggravating contraption. Save your breath and be done with taking unwanted calls since you can make ringtones for everyone (friend or foe) with Ringtone DJ! This innovative app creates unlimited custom ringtones by mixing professionally created samples. Making ringtones is incredibly simple as you really don't have to get a clip of a song, or mess with starting and stopping at an exact point. Simply mix your own track of music styles by moving them on to a grid, or shake the iPhone for a random ringtone.

Did we mention that Ringtone DJ supplies you with 15 different styles of music and over 150 professionally created music samples? Literally, you could make customized ringtones for everyone in your family, as well as all your friends, and still have tons more tone choices because of the limitless nature of this app. Some of the cool and totally fun features of Ringtone DJ are as follows:

- Create unlimited unique ringtones
- Over 150 professionally created music samples to choose from
- Samples spread across 15 different music styles
- Create ringtones up to 40 seconds long

Open Ringtone DJ to a super slick interface with neon blue and several icons. There are 15 icons from which you may select your Music Style. For example, the smiley icon represents Happy Hardcore Style. When you tap that icon, several similar smiley face icons appear all containing music of that particular style. Tap the arrow to return to the Music Styles menu. If you tap the music note icon, this represents Orchestral & Choir Music. The globe icon provides you with World Music, the Gear icon contains Industrial Style music, and the Cowboy Hat denotes country music. Of course, there are many more enticing styles, too numerous to mention.

Each icon when tapped will show you exactly what style you have chosen and supply many samples based on that selection. Decide whatever sounds you would like, then drop them one at a time on the empty grid to the right in any order. Tap the play arrow to hear your creation. If you leave one column of the grid empty without a selection, the music will end there. The last icon of a phone in the top of your display represents turning your selections into an awesome, mixed ringtone. Like most ringtone makers, you must sync with iTunes for the tones to appear on your device. There is a great video tutorial in the app (which appears after you make each track) to show you how to easily do so.

What's interesting to me is to hear the mix of several style sounds in one column, and then maybe only one instrument in the next column so that those sounds are really clearly outlined with no mix. I happen to like Ringtone DJ because it permits you to have a 40-second ringtone which is more than that allowed by many other ringtone makers. Another handy feature for when you're feeling too lazy to even drag and drop styles is simply to shake your device for a random, uniquely mixed tone. This is a ringtone app that is sleek, modern and geared to suit the musical tastes of a large variety of people.

SUMMARY: For one-of-a kind ringtones that are clear as a bell and totally unique, mix your own fabulous concoction of styles and sounds with Ringtone DJ.

--Date/Version: Released 12/1/10 - Version 1.0
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Tip/Tutorials: NOTE 1: An audio issue has been found that will affect iOS 4.2 users. A patch that fixes this issue has already been submitted to Apple and is currently being approved. NOTE 2: Opening sale - 50% off for a limited time!
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Languages: English
--Developer Link: Endgame Studios
--Twitter Link: @EndgameStudios
--Facebook Link: Ringtone DJ

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