January 11, 2011

Vic Mahfood

Camera Genius

Developer Quote: "We've completely rebuilt Camera Genius to let you capture great photos and videos with ease!"
- COST: 99 cents     - RATING: 3-1/2 Stars
(Cost/Rating subject to change per the App Store)

- Categories: Lifestyle, Native, Photo Effects, Photos, Photography, Social Networking, Videos

Don't you often feel as though your kids are growing up too fast? On the other hand, some of you may swear that your dog is the smartest creature alive, or your car is the hottest one on the block! Well, now you can confidently take photos and videos of your most beloved subjects, complete with zoom, frames, photo effects and many other features with Camera Genius. This is an all-inclusive photography app that contains all the must-have goodies for your photos and videos to look their very best. It also comes with a spiffy high-def, almost 3D look to its camera icon.

Some of the comprehensive and awesome features of Camera Genius are as follows:

- Take Videos
Treat your iPhone camera like a video recorder. Pan out and zoom in on your subjects and scenery so that your audience gets the entire effect.

- Camera Zoom (Up to a whopping 6X digital zoom)
Zoom in on the smallest and farthest away subjects to get a super close-up shot.

- Timer and Sound Capture
Set up timed group photos with intervals of between 2 and 300 seconds. Tap the numbers to change the timing interval, and set it to repeat mode to capture photos automatically.

- Full Screen Camera Button
The big photo button makes it so easy to quickly capture your photos unlike the tiny iPhone button. Tap anywhere on the screen, no fumbling necessary!

- Prevent Blurry Photos with Anti-shake
Anti-shake stabilization helps eliminate unusable, blurry shots caused by camera movement (often when you don't even realize it).

- Improve Photo Composition with Guides
Camera guides help you compose and align photos. No more diagonal, topsy-turvy snapshots where you have to turn your head sideways to view them!

- Burst Mode Shooting
Take 3 shots in rapid succession for an excellent view of sports in motion.

- Camera Manual
Enjoy many hints on the best way to take photos on your iPhone. You'll be amazed at how these tips will improve your creations!

- Review your photos
Camera Genius shows off its true genius by providing you with adjustable sized thumbnails. Use the slider to decide how many photos to see at once.

- Slide show
Enjoy the full-screen slide show and the ability to pan and zoom around your photos.

- Edit your photos
The most important feature of a great camera is editing. There are over 20 great One-Step filters! Enjoy cool effects including Grunge, 70's style, Cinema, Pseudo HDR.

- Adjustment Filters
20 filters give you fine control over hue, contrast, brightness, etc. Crop your photo to improve its composition. Use custom borders in addition to the filters.

- Share your photos
Are you ready to share your photographic talents? Well, then go ahead and post your photos and videos directly on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, MobileMe, Tumblr, YouTube, or use them on the Clipboard and send by Email. You can even post to multiple services at once!

I was curious to see if this app was really of the genius variety as it promised to be, and I certainly wasn't disappointed. People can brag about anything, but when you see clear photographic evidence in front of you, then seeing is believing! Open Camera Genius to the main screen which will show you the menu containing buttons for Video, Big Button, Guides, Settings, Anti Shake, Timer, Burst and Manual. Of course I instantly chose Big Button so I could tap anywhere on the screen to take my shot. Also, I just had to try Anti Shake and purposely shook my camera hand shamefully, only to find my photo still turned out perfectly! That did wow me, I'll admit.

It was easy to set the self timer for varying amounts of minutes just by tapping the number which changed it instantly. Another useful feature under Settings is Timestamp. I really need to know when my photos were taken so I can refer back in the future. Finally, editing the photos was as simple as tapping on the album shown which brought up the thumbnails. From there, you can select the paintbrush icon with Effects, Adjust(ments), Crop and Borders, or tap the mail icon with the various options of sharing your work. To sum it all up, you are getting one finely-tuned camera and video app with Camera Genius that leaves no stone unturned in making your photo creations their best. Two words for you...HOME SCREEN!
COOL CONCLUSION: "Camera Genius quite simply provides the clearest, sharpest photos and videos you may ever hope to capture."
--Date/Version: Updated 1/7/11 - Version 3.0.1
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Tip/Tutorials: See the YouTube Video HERE
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch (4th Gen)
--Languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Romanian, Russian, Spanish
--Developer Link: CodeGoo
--Twitter Link: @codegoo
--Facebook Link: Camera Genius

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