January 8, 2011

Vic Mahfood

Document Tracker

Developer Quote: "Document Tracker is a free app that allows you to keep record of all your important documents and where they are stored."

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- Categories: Lifestyle, Locator, Native, Productivity, Storage, Utilities

It's widely known that you should safely keep your important papers where they can't be stolen, lost in a house fire, ruined in a flood or other emergency scenario. Consequently, we put our critical paperwork in many safe places to guard against all disasters! Yet two weeks later, you are looking for one of those particular papers. But, wait! Where the heck is that birth certificate or social security card? If you are like me (and I hope not), you probably hid your papers so well, you can not find them! And that's exactly where Document Tracker comes in. This handy app keeps exact records of where everything you consider important is stored so that you don't outsmart yourself with cunning hiding places or by simple memory loss! When you need to produce your insurance papers, car registration, medical records or anything remotely important, let Document Tracker tell you exactly where those papers are located. Also, feel free to move your documents to other locations (if you find a more secure hiding spot!) because all you have to do at that point is update Document Tracker.

Here's how Document Tracker can help ease the strain on your memory for each document you keep securely. You may list the following information in the app:

- Owner
- Location where stored
- There is no limit of how many documents, owners, type of documents, or locations
- Create as many locations as you like and classify the documents as you wish
- Document Tracker comes pre-configured with 4 fictional locations and 31 of the most common types of documents. Change these lists as needed and expand them as much as necessary
- Your information is password protected.
- Your documents are organized by person (owner). Therefore, you can keep track of the information of yourself, your husband or wife, your children, your pet or whomever

Here's another reason why I find Document Tracker to be such a useful app. A few years ago, an elderly relative passed away. His children could not find any of his important documents. Had he hidden them under the mattress? Perhaps he stored them in the bank, put them under a floorboard? Who knows! For weeks his children scoured the house looking for the darn papers. If they had this app back then, they could have stored this information for him on it, thus making their life a whole lot easier in the long run! That's just one thought, but the uses for this simple and easy-to-use storage app are quite limitless.

Additionally, I think it a great safety feature to have password protection on this app. The first time that you start Document Tracker you will be prompted for a password that will be requested whenever you use the app from there on out. Thus your hiding places are still private and only you will have the information well recorded.
COOL CONCLUSION: "Document Tracker is an excellent means of recording locations of important items and giving your mind a gentle nudge when you just can't keep it all in your head!"
--Date/Version: Released 1/7/11 - Version 1.0
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Languages: English, Spanish
--Developer Link: Ezequiel Amaya
--Twitter Link: N/A
--Facebook Link: N/A

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