January 24, 2011

Vic Mahfood


Developer Quote: "Save yourself all the typing and use TypeLess to send quick updates or reminders, using templates..."

- COST:   99 cents  - APP STORE RATING:  N/A  Stars
- Categories: Communications, Messaging, Native, Productivity
You know how it is when you're in a hurry, or typing under the desk at work trying not to be seen during an important meeting. It's important to send out a certain message to a family member or friend, but you can't waste one extra second doing so. Not only that, but there are also some messages you send more than others. Sometimes your life is just repetitive that way. Perhaps you want to tell a friend, “I’m running late,” “Meeting cancelled,” or “Remember to buy the beer!” Save lots of time and effort by using TypeLess to send quick notes using templates of commonly-sent email messages complete with subject, message and recipients. Some of the features of this helpful and time saving email app are as follows:

• Create message templates based on your most-frequently sent emails
• Order the templates yourself, put the most frequently used messages at the top
• Customize subject line, body and descriptions
• Compatible with your iPhone address book

What sort of tasks can you accomplish with TypeLess?

• Keep people up to date with your status, or your current location.
• Hear about a great band or movie? Remind yourself with a quick email.
• Used up the last of the milk? Don’t forget – get an email reminder!
• Getting the gang together on a Friday? Go to your usual spot with a quick shout-out.

These are only just a few of the types of things you can do with TypeLess. Forget about typos, copying and pasting and wasting time. Just use your personalized, ready-made templates and you're good to go with your e-mail.
COOL CONCLUSION: "TypeLess is a real time-saver and so easy to use when you only have a couple minutes to send out communications that are critical to you."
--Date/Version: Updated 1/24/11 - Version 2.2
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer Link: Gordon Turner

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