October 29, 2011

Vic Mahfood

Class Mate

Developer Quote: "Class Mate is an attendance app that can be used for tracking any type of member based activity from classrooms to boardrooms."

- COST:   99 cents - APP STORE STARS: 4
- Categories: Education, Lifestyle, Locator, Native, Utilities

There are so many occasions on which you need to take a head count whether for legal, social or personal reasons. Teachers do this in class every day, sports coaches do the same at games and practices, business meetings need to keep track of attendees, and that is just to name a few occasions. Class Mate does a great job, very easily with no fuss, of keeping track of attendees at any event. It has a simple and efficient interface that allows for entry of one or many classes and its members. Features include configurable classes and member list, session tracking, both check-in and check-out buttons, and a session summary that can be emailed and used in a spreadsheet application.

We've mentioned that using this counter app is very simple. Here's a rough idea of how to use it to your benefit:

1. Tap the Edit button in the upper left hand corner to edit the sample class.
2. Add new classes with the plus button in the upper right.
3. You can select a class using the arrow buttons in the lower middle. There is also a list button that lets you change the order of your classes.
4. Once you have a class selected, you can tap the Class button in the lower left to add class members. You'll need to set up all of your class members before you add a session.
5. The session button in the lower right takes you to the sessions screen. You can view, add, and email a report on all of our session for that class.
6. There are three check boxes for each class member.
In - Class member is present.
Late - Class member is present and was late.
Out - Class member is present and has been checked out of the class.

Don't try to guess or draw with paper and pencil the participant information of your group meeting. It's so much simpler to whip out your iDevice and tap in the numbers needed to keep an accurate account of attendance. It's an uncomplicated process to document participants and session information with this attendance app.

COOL CONCLUSION: "ClassMate is a handy tool to keep track of attendees so you don't need to recall any names or faces after the meeting."
--Date/Version: Updated 5/23/11 - Version 1.6
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.2 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer Link: HovDevelop

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