February 22, 2011

Vic Mahfood


Developer Quote: "Honk helps find your way back to the car through its unique handwritten memo, photo, and automatic GPS functions."

- COST: 99 cents     - APP STORE STARS: 4-1/2
- Categories: Cars, Locator, Native, Utilities, Navigation

Don't you just hate parking meters and trying to rush through your business so you can get back to your car in time before the meter runs out! Either that, or you're parked at a massive arena or parking lot, and totally draw a blank as to where your car is situated. Honk will help you with those troubles. Honk helps you find your way back to your vehicle through a variety of methods, and also helps avoid parking tickets by displaying the minute-by-minute update of remaining time on the meter on its icon badge.

It is so easy to use Honk. Just swipe your finger across the meter to set how long you plan to park. Your location will be marked on the map, and when the time comes to head back to your car, it will honk you. On your home screen, its icon will also display the remaining minutes. Note your spot on the pad to scribble down your spot. Take a snapshot of your location and superimpose the photo on your handwritten memo. Honk has a built-in map with useful functions to easily lead you back to your parked car. Some of the features of this helpful navigation and meter app are as follows:

- Simple, intuitive interface to set the parking meter alarm. A single swipe will do for most situations.

- Honk updates your remaining time on its App Icon. A quick glance at your home screen, Honk gives you a peace of mind.

- Smooth and easy handwritten memo to further help you with marking the parking spot.

- Take a photo and annotate it with your handwritten memo.

- Honk automatically marks your parking location (GPS) when you either set the meter alarm or add a memo/photo.

- Auto-orienting map for units with built-in compass, Honk will annotate the locations with addresses.

- Accommodate many different types of meters with long (up to 24 hours) and short time limits. Adjust how Honk should issue its alarms.

- Soft, regular and Shopping-Mall-Mode alarm options.

- Gorgeous background photos change according to the hour of the day.

- Honk uses local notifications for reliable, accurate alarms. It also supports Retina display.

With so many cool features, you'll never get another parking ticket, or become lost again in a parking lot with a weary family in tow!

COOL CONCLUSION: "For peace of mind in expensive parking spots, use Honk to keep track of time and guide you quickly to your car."
--Date/Version: Updated 2/3/11 - Version 1.0.1
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.2 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer Link: iStormApps

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