February 5, 2011

Vic Mahfood

RedZone SB (Super Bowl Trivia)

Developer Quote: "Red Zone Super Bowl is the definitive Super Bowl trivia game."

- COST: $1.99     - APP STORE STARS: 4-1/2
- Categories: Entertainment, Games, Native, Sports, Trivia

Here's another Super Bowl game to get you in the mood for kick-off. Quizz yourself and your friends with all sorts of Super Bowl trivia through the years. You may be surprised at learning a thing or two with this game. Tons of questions and a variety of game modes will keep you guessing and entertained for hours. Quiz yourself or other football fans!

This game is based on the player, team, coach, stadium and game details surrounding the Super Bowl. Red Zone has more questions and game modes than any other football-based trivia game. With nearly 500 questions and the 2-player versus mode, you can exhaust your knowledge and compete head to head against other fans. In this knowledgeable game, you will find the following cool playing modes:

- Practice Mode (single-player):
Practice mode lets get ready for the big game. You are given a set number of days to prepare. As you answer successfully, your screen will progress from pitch black to the red zone - and you'll be ready to become a play-maker.

- Head-2-Head (two-player):
Choose your side & play against a friend! Hold the device between you and race to choose the right answers. Each team is provided with a set of helmets along each side. Press your helmet next to the right answer before the other team and win the point. But, if you are wrong, you lose a point!

- Entering the Red Zone (Sudden Death, single-player):
Any time you get into the Red Zone, it’s sudden death. You are trying to score and the stakes are high. You have 20 seconds for each question, the countdown is on. Correctly answering Bush League questions give you 10 points, College Ball gives 25, and The Pros 50. To earn the Coach’s respect and win the game, you must reach a certain point level. Your quarterback getting sacked costs half your points but a favorable ref doubles your score.

Some of the features included in this Super Bowl trivia app are as follows:

• Choose your game options and set your player and account details in Settings.
• Set your desired question level: Bush League, Player, Coach!, or All.
• Set your desired question categories: General, Outside The Lines, Records, or All.
• Sleek interface beautifully designed from the ground up.
• Personal leader boards to save your best scores.

Learn a thing or two about Super Bowl and all the details surrounding it. Super Bowls from the past each have their own unique high points, and will go down in history for their amazing action year after year.

COOL CONCLUSION: "Have some challenging, mental fun before, during and after the game with the enjoyable RedZone SB (Super Bowl Trivia) app that will test your football knowledge."
--Date/Version: Released 1/29/10 - Version 1.0
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 2.1 or later. Rated 9+ for the following: * Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer Link: AsUWish LLC

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