March 23, 2011

Vic Mahfood


Developer Quote: With various illustrations and texts, add a special story to your photo. You can make your photo more fun, wonderful, and meaningful.

- COST: 99 cents     - APP STORE STARS: 4
- Categories: Art, Entertainment, Native, Photos, Photography, Social Networking

Got a story to tell your friends about your weekend, vacation or your crazy life with the family at home? Why not do it in an unusual way? Put your photos up to the challenge of telling the story of your life when you use Pictory! Decorate them with close to 500 hand-drawn style illustrations and text. You'll be able to include multiple lines, text alignment, and nine fonts. Control objects without buttons by touching them. Shrink, expand, or rotate the objects by touching anywhere you want. All items support color control with 34 colors. Here are some of the cool and easy-to-use features of Pictory:

- about 500 various illustrations and text objects
- easy control of position, rotation and scale
- flip item horizontal capability
- ability to change both fill & stroke color
- supports ten layers
- ability to change layer order
- ability to select a color from 34 different colors
- ability to control opacity
- automatically detects photo orientation
- image gallery capability
- image size selection when exporting (960, 640, or 480 pixels)
- send to the Photo album, a contact, or an email from gallery
- upload to Twitter, Twitpic and Facebook with message

Using layers makes it easy to edit and fix up your photos. Your decorated pics are saved and ready to be sent at all times. The awesome illustrations, colors and text options are great to dress up your photos and tell a tall tale!
COOL CONCLUSION: "For a super story made out of your personal pictures, let Pictory be your story book narrator!"
--Date/Version: Released 3/23/11 - Version 1.6
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer Link: Blank Inc.

Visit the iTunes App Store for more details, and to download:

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