April 17, 2011

Vic Mahfood

Talking Augmented Easter Egg

Developer Quote: "Simply Grab an egg from your fridge, point your iPhone to it, and watch it come "alive" on
your display."

- COST:   Free  - APP STORE STARS: 4-1/2
- Categories: Augmented Reality, Entertainment, Food, Games, Holidays, Native

We all love experimenting with augmented reality apps. They're fairly new, use cool technology and are pretty amazing! Most of the ones I've used have dealt with maps, locations, and practical every day serious stuff. How about using such an app just for fun though! You can, with Talking Augmented Easter Egg!

Make your real egg (fresh out of the refrigerator) come alive. Interact by playing with it, talking to it, turning it around, fancying it up with outfits, snazzy decorations and more! Once you've had your fill of fun, snap a pic and send it off to Facebook family and friends. But there's even more included in this app. You've got Bunny Busters, a cute mini game that EGG-stends the fun even longer when you tap the bunnies to earn points!

So how do we get this Easter Egg party started? Ok, first of all, grab an egg from your fridge to start the activities. Now try the following tricks:

• Place a real egg in a horizontal position on a dark surface.

• Point your iPhone camera to the egg and it will become interactive.

• Talk to the egg and it will repeat everything you say in a funny voice.

• Poke the egg and watch it break.

• Spin the egg and watch it whirl.

• Hit it with a hammer and watch it break.

• Have a chicken sit on the egg and watch it hatch.

• Decorate the egg and send a photo to your friends.

• Play the Augmented Bunny-Busters mini game and unlock cool new accessories.

• Share the experience on Facebook and send your friends Happy Easter greetings.

In essence, once you point your camera at the real egg, the virtual egg on your device screen covers the image of the real one, and acts in its place. I just gave the app a trial run and was amused to hear the egg repeat my phrases. Buttons are provided at the top of the screen to decorate the egg, poke it or start the bunny game, or share it with friends. Both you and the kids will enjoy interacting with the colorful and entertaining egg that virtually just came out of your kitchen!
COOL CONCLUSION: "Kick off the Easter fun with Talking Augmented Easter Egg and be amazed at the antics a simple egg can play!"
--Date/Version: Released 4/7/11 - Version 1.0
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd gen), iPod touch (4th gen), and iPad.
--Developer Link: IrregularApps & iPhSoft

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