May 14, 2011

Vic Mahfood

The Red Bulletin [iPad]

Developer Quote: "The Red Bulletin covers the very latest news from the world of Red Bull in an inimitably witty, intelligent and pithy style."

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What does the end of the work day signify to you? Time to kick back and relax with a drink and some TV or easy reading perhaps? You've already overloaded your mind on problem solving and reading reports, and now is your time to read the fun stuff that YOU choose. I recommend you engross yourself in the latest issue of The Red Bulletin on iPad! Yes, there are many magazines in print and electronic form, but The Red Bulletin is truly unique in its content and expressive presentation.

First of all, this is one of the largest global magazines published monthly in not only English, but German and Polish also. The magazine itself is a cutting edge mix of sports, modern lifestyle, art, culture and notable people in all arenas! With The Red Bulletin, you gain access to its trendy international issue. If you are not familiar with it, let me just say that it is an intriguing and eclectic compilation of the most interesting stories in The Red Bulletin print version. Additionally, here you will find media rich and exclusive content, as well as riveting sports and action videos. You may be wondering what sort of features to expect in this popular iPad sports magazine. Let's take a look at some of them:

• Pics and stories of stars and heroes from sports and culture
• The best stories of all print editions of The Red Bulletin international issue
• Almost an hour of amazing videos and animations
• Exclusive multimedia and interactive content
• An impressive 360° view that takes your breath away

I can be skeptical at times, and so I opened this app wondering what could be unusual and noteworthy about it. I was definitely taken by surprise! The glossy, vibrant colors of the articles along with the many interactive features kept me seated in my chair for a good while. One of my all-time favorite features is the red bull icon that constantly tells you what to do to engage in interaction. For instance, while reading a car race article this icon will tell you something like, "Turn your iPad sideways to start engines". Immediately you are transported to a car race track where they are gunning it to the finish line. Or perhaps you are looking at a kite display, and the icon will prompt you to "Swipe your iPad to fly with the kites." The billowing, colorful kites begin to soar accompanied by crystal clear sound tracks.

Swipe, flick, rotate and manipulate your iPad to gain access and interaction with each awesome article. There are onboard instructions on how to find your way around, and you will definitely want to read them. The only negative I could find in this dynamic publication was time spent loading the large issue (although that could be due to my overloaded bandwidth)! Once installed, however, everything flowed smoothly. Find articles in the current issue such as "Lucky numbers", "Pole vaulters", "Chicago's quickest dancers", "Street art", "Wild Beasts" and more of the same thrilling and original material. I can truly say that after reading this dynamic, electronic publication, every other one will probably pale in comparison. The Red Bulletin brings you non-stop, animated action and news that keeps you coming back for more.

COOL CONCLUSION: "For news delivered with panache, flair and a healthy dose of interaction, The Red Bulletin will quench your thirst with its media rich content."
--Date/Version: Released 4/21/11 - Version 1.1
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 3.2 or later. Rated 4+.
--Special Note: For a limited time, The Red Bulletin iPad app is FREE from all Apple iTunes stores worldwide as an international edition, in both English and German.
--Device: iPad
--Developer Link: Red Bull Media House GmbH
--Twitter: @redbull
--Facebook: Red Bull

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