June 4, 2011

Vic Mahfood

Breakdance Champion Red Bull BC One

Developer Quote: "Do you have what it takes to be a star in the B-Boy scene? You’ll need skills, rhythm and creativity in your moves to become number 1 in this authentic dance game..."

- COST: 99 cents     - APP STORE STARS: 5
- Categories: 3D, Entertainment, Games, Music, Native, Sims, Universal, Virtual

Have you seen the cool moves of break dancing novices and stars on TV or on stage live? The rhythm and beat of the music combined with the flexible gyrations of the dancers is pretty amazing! I'd have to guess it takes a great amount of skill to perfect such synchronized moves. You may not be able to perform such on-the-beat body movements, but do you have the rhythm in your head to compete against these awesome dancers? There's only one way to find out, and Breakdance Champion Red Bull BC One is it! This is where you get to simulate those terrific dancers in a DDR fashion similar to "Tap Tap games".

Here's a bit of history to get you in the know about this type of creative dancing. Starting in the late 70s, B-Boying became quite popular, and 
today a well-connected B-Boy scene exists worldwide. 
One of the most important B-Boy competitions is the Red Bull BC One, where 16 of the world's best B-Boys meet to compete and to determine in a 1-on-1 knock-out-battle who is “The One”. Extraordinary skill, vibrant and and animated character are all part of what it takes to win! 
This year, the Red Bull BC One will be held in Tokyo. Japan has a lively Hip Hop scene, and so the event is awaited with great expectations since Japanese B-Boy, Taisuke, is one of the favorites this year. 

In this musical app, you must show your coolest moves to get the most applause. Twist, turn and hit the floor to take the lead with moves from Roxrite, Lilou, Cico, Hong 10, Taisuke, Pelezino and Ronnie (the best of the B-Boys). Although you don't actually have to get up and dance, this game lets you use your fingers to keep the beat so your character B-Boy wins the fame and acclaim! Here are some of the features of this ultra cool, DDR, rhythm iPhone, iPad game:

- Enjoy 40+ hours of adrenaline fueled B-Boy fun
- Experience staggering motion-captured moves from 7 of the world’s best B-Boys
- Become one of the stars in the most important international B-Boy competitions, throw down the greatest moves and stay on beat
- 28 levels with easy & hard taplines master them to make it into the B-Boy hall of fame
- Realistically transported dance choreography – about 650 motion-captured moves - from real-world stars!
- 14 famous international locations in 3D provide varied atmospheres for the big challenges
- Famous voice actor “Zurek” acts as MC and guides through the contests
- Apple Game Center integration allows users to bring in friends and soon-to-be-friends on all the action. Invite someone to join, then get the game going and move up the leader boards. Meet your match and score! 

- Crazy moves, extreme motions, spectacular light effects and fireworks put the player right into the action loaded crowd
- 29 licensed B-Boy sound tracks fuel the battles

Open the app and select from Play, get Help, view Options, Credits and Achievements. Choose to play with Game center if you like sharing achievements. Help explains very simply how to play, using illustrations and directions. Tap the similar colored arrows at the same time as the colored bars raining down from the break dancer are about to enter the slot in the boombox. Don't tap too soon or you'll get beeped! Still, there are some helpful and time-saving tricks you should know. Here's a couple to clue you in! Linked taps means press and hold the arrow button (so you don't have to tap twice). Also, you can drag your tap across lanes as the color changes.

I debuted my dancing in Switzerland (one of the many locations), and I did a terrible job at first. But, by my second time around, I was right on cue and moving with the rhythm! Remember, the closer your tap to the beat, the higher your score, and brilliant flashes will indicate your timing is perfect! Choose from among several countries' brilliant and famous dancers, as well as select your preferred level of play. Your scores will be listed on the bio flag for the country you have chosen to imitate. Post your scores online if you're proud of what you've done! This game is really terrific for all ages, and you will find yourself playing over and over till you tap to perfection. I'm not one for addiction, but let's just say this could be a first! Is it the challenge, the music, the applause, the vibrant 3D color graphics, or what?

COOL CONCLUSION: "Feel the rhythm and beat in your fingers as you tap dance your way to stardom in Breakdance Champion Red Bull BC One with the international and skilled B-Boys!"
--Date/Version: Released 5/20/11 - Version 1.10
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 3.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Special Note: On 2G & 3G devices, the fluent movement of the B-Boys is disabled as a default setting to ensure best gameplay. This can be changed in the options menu. However, on 3GS and iPad, the fluent animation of the B-Boys is turned on by default and can not be changed. You may also try before you buy with the Lite Version on the App Store.
--Device: (+ Universal: For iPhone/iPad), iPod Touch
--Developer Link: Red Bull Media House GmbH
--Twitter: @redbullcone
--Facebook: Red Bull BC One

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