June 24, 2011

Vic Mahfood

iKnow Jamaican: Clean

Developer Quote: "Arguably one of the funniest translators and soundboards in the App Store...brings an extensive collection of over 100 English/Patois phrases right to your iPhone!"
- COST: Free (48 hours Only)     - APP STORE STARS: 4
- Categories: Entertainment, Jokes, Languages, Lifestyle, Native, Travel
On seeing this West Indian dialect app today, I knew that I had to bring its good humor to your attention. It's not an app with lots of content, bells and whistles, or high-powered gameplay. But it's pure fun to me with its hilarious rendition of Jamaican accents when transforming regular Anglo words or phrases into full-blown Jamaican dialect. You see I grew up in Jamaica, so I will always be a little bit homesick for that country and its friendly island folks. Hearing the native phrases that are actually quite accurate brings back the good old days to me! Some of the witty and comedic features of iKnow Jamaican: Clean are as follows:

-Over 100 original phrases (and growing)…that’s right, over 100
-Impress your friends using the translator, and play pranks on them using the soundboard
-Fully customizable options that allow you to arrange the order of each button
-Easily navigate through each page by swiping your finger across the screen
-Each button contains a head that wobbles every time you press it

You know, it's not as though Jamaican is a foreign language! In fact, this beautiful island was owned by the British until 1962. Still, its warm and outgoing natives developed their own special patois which is just a twist on regular English words. Some of the phrases of real, live, Jamaican translations are found in the following categories: Greetings, Travel, Essentials, Eating Out, Romance, Feelings and Opinions, Meeting People and more.

Your opening screen will display 4 buttons on the bottom labeled Translator, Sound, Instruction and Setting. The Translator is quite comical as it has both standard American/English speakers on the left and pure Jamaican dialect speakers on the right. Tap the American guy to hear the way he speaks (which sounds normal to most folks)! He may say, for instance, "It's a beautiful day!", yet when you tap the Jamaican, he will exclaim, "De day nice nuh true!" which is his way of expressing himself. It's quite funny going through all the phrases and hearing the Jamaican version, which again I will say is very accurate.

When you tap the Sound button of iKnow Jamaican: Clean , you will only see Jamaican heads which bobble as they speak their friendly phrases. The Soundboard lets you move phrases in the order you wish to make a non-stop, verifiable, Jamaican conversation! You will probably be in stitches as you make your way through this app, particularly if you've ever visited the islands and recognize some of the expressions. Whether or not you've visited this lovely island nation, you really must transform your speech into that of a true Jamaican with this entertaining and hilarious app.
COOL CONCLUSION: iKnow Jamaican: Clean is loaded with native phrases that are spoken true to life and loaded with the charm and humor of the islands!"
--Date/Version: Updated 11/22/11 - Version 1.1
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 3.0 or later. Rated 12+.
--Special Note: I Know Jamaican: Explicit also available on the App Store
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer Link: Toneaphone

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