June 23, 2011

Vic Mahfood


Developer Quote: "Photogram provides special delivery of your photos via Email, Facebook and Twitter. Tell the story of your moments creatively and thoughtfully using multiple photos..."
- COST: Free    - APP STORE STARS: 4
- Categories: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Native, Photo Effect, Photos, Photography, Social Networking
Like everybody else, I spend a good deal of time on Facebook catching up with family and friends. I'm noticing these days that mostly the photos which are appearing are of young kids losing their front teeth, having birthday parties, or older teens graduating! In any event, pictures are popping up everywhere. How much more attractive, though, if you had a template type frame to include multiple photos with a description of whatever event you're bragging on! You can do this beautifully with Photogram. Select from dozens of unique themes designed by artists to showcase your special shots. Easily share the finished result via Email, Facebook or Twitter to recipients who will "ooohh" and "aaahh" over your artistic delivery. Some of the clever, photographic features of Photogram are as follows:

- Include up to four (4) photos in each Photogram to tell a story.
- Choose from dozens of independent artist created themes in our Theme Store to find the right one to complement your photos.
- Set up groups (like Family, Friends, etc.) for one-click sending to multiple people.
- Shop the in-app Theme Store to discover and support super talented independent artists.
- Use one easy process to share across three services: Email, Facebook and Twitter
- Create and share as many Photograms as you like, for free.
- Customize your Photograms with personalized messages and a profile photo.
- Crop and zoom photos to get the perfect result.

Open this photography and social networking iPhone app, and you will be taken through a brief but helpful tour of just how to create your photo stories, as well as a brief registration. 4 blank frames will be displayed in which you will insert your photos. Go ahead and crop or zoom to get the selection of your photos just the way you prefer. Select your favorite theme template, then your recipients. Tap Send, and your photos and background will be uploaded and sent while showing a beautiful, antiquated "odometer" of your progress. The finished photogram was easily made and quickly sent, however, a preview of the result is needed.

If you want to purchase additional themes, tap the Themes Store button on the bottom of the screen to see the many choices available. Tap Photogram to begin a new postcard, or Groups to set up email recipients of those to whom you always like to send your special photos. Photogram offers many top-in app purchases of other themes. However, this is the best time to download the app as the developer will add 30 more cool ones to your theme pack at no charge for a limited time only.

If you are wondering just who and how you can utilize Photogram, we'll give you a few ideas. Use it on vacation to make a virtual postcard, sports teams can brag on their accomplishments, parents may boast on all the special and cool things their kids are doing, teachers can put together special event classroom shots, hikers and nature lovers can make gorgeous displays of flora and fauna, beach lovers can display the allure of the ocean and so on. You don't need my imagination because I'm sure you've got plenty plans of your own to make your photo sharing a unique work of art!!
COOL CONCLUSION: "Photogram delivers your treasured photos to social networks and friends in a unique, personalized and colorful way!"
--Date/Version: Released 6/15/11 - Version 1.0.3
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer Link: Timelines, Inc.

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