June 30, 2011

Vic Mahfood

Status Shuffle

Developer Quote: "With Status Shuffle, you choose a status from our huge selection for Facebook."
- COST: 99 cents    - APP STORE STARS: 5 stars
- Categories: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Native, Social Networking
You know how you are always checking your Facebook home feed, and writing up all your latest shenanigans on your page? Still there are times when your day is boring, and you can't even think of one thing to say that's the slightest bit interesting. That's when you need Status Shuffle for Facebook. Status Shuffle has various categories dealing with everyday life, one of which will be sure to fit what you want to say! You will find funny and witty stuff, crazy or sad lines, many of which are sure to attract comments because of their unique content.

Open this app, and you will see 4 buttons on the bottom of your screen labeled Shuffle, Topics, Favorites and Settings. On the Shuffle window, tap Shuffle as many times as you want till you get the exact status you'd like to post. Choose from Topics such as: adult humor, alone, angry, advice, best friends, bedtime, coffee, confused, dreams, drama, drinking, friendship, and so much more. There's a whole list there from A to Z. Save great status ideas to your Favorites so you can use them again if you wish.

Go to Settings to Hide Obvious Profanities if you don't want nasty stuff written as your status. Your Facebook account info is also set up here. When you select your phrase, Status Shuffle will update your Facebook status in a snap. You can manage your Favorites from your phone, and they are automatically synced with your Favorites in the Facebook application.

You can't beat the convenience of Status Shuffle when you want to put something really intriguing and eye-catching as your status. You'll end up with several friends' comments remarking on your wit and style.
COOL CONCLUSION: "When you don't have anything witty or unique to post on Facebook, Status Shuffle will do the job-no thinking necessary on your part!"
--Date/Version: Updated 6/13/11 - Version 1.5
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 3.1.2 or later. Rated 17 years old.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer Link: Social Graph Studios

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